Avram provides project management, program evaluation, administrative and database support and logistical support

Avram provides technical and subject matter experts to answer our clients' need for industry-leading knowledge and skill-sets.

Avram leverages its services, support and sourcing to provide innovative, successful solutions for our clients.

Avram identifies essential international and domestic staff and resources to fill our clients' short and long term requirements.

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Avram provides industry-leading experts in myriad of disciplines including sciences, technology, mathematics, public health and other disciplines. Our clients tap into our cadre of subject matter experts to provide services ranging from laboratory quality, clinical trial design and implementation (including ethical review), field epidemiology laboratory training, clinical research into zoonotic diseases, data cleaning and analysis, accreditation, public health strategy development and program implementation, biological and behavioral surveys, monitoring and evaluation, and geocoding.  

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Avram provides project management, program directors, training, program oversight, information management, logistical support and administrative support to clients in the USA and abroad. Avram understands that effective, efficient management underpins every successful outcome. Our professional network of program leaders and solution innovators are deployed throughout the world to lead and support our clients in reaching their goals. Avram provides develops and delivers training and technical documents. We have also deploy experienced, multi-lingual database managers. Avram also provides short term and long term administrative support services and logistical support services.


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With a global footprint extending over four continents, Avram has the ability to identify, vet and place resources in four continents.  In addition, Avram has amassed an effective network of strategic partners. Avram's sourcing capability provides our clients with the staff fill their requirements quickly and effectively.



Avram provides our clients with solutions through our support, services, and sourcing. Avram’s established network of support, services, and sourcing provides our clients with the solutions needed to efficiently and effective reach their goals. Our projects generate health and business solutions that have a generational impact. From quality of life enhancements to crisis mitigation, Avram’s commitment as a solution provider is evidenced by the projects that we have undertaken, and the results that we have delivered.