Avram offers technical experts who can participate in immediate scientific, quality systems, and laboratory initiatives. From statistical analysis to geocoding to developing public health policy, Avram's team of experts provide our customers with industry-leading solutions. Our staff has expertise in all aspects of public health and are available globally. Our scientists and data experts provide expertise our clients require to produce quality results. Our quality and laboratory experts have decades of experience in creating and mitigating quality systems. Such expertise provides our clients' organization direction to earn or maintain certification and accreditation.

Program Management and Operational Support

Our staff of project and program managers can manage our clients' needs from a focused short-term initiative to a technically intricate program which requires several years to complete. Our team understands the need to provide frequent, accurate updates to the team and to the sponsor. We have worked extensively with both government contracts and in the private sector to deliver on time and within budget.  Avram has extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation, project management and financial oversight.

Training & education

Avram has partnered with esteemed institutions such as Yale and Harvard to develop innovative curricula for professional development and international academic institutions. For clients' training needs, Avram has a team of experts who can bring teams to a higher level. We educate groups on topics such ranging from proper laboratory technique to disease prevention, treatment, and safety. Avram has supported our clients in improving the effectiveness of their staff through training and Avram has developed online curricula as well as training modules for targeted needs.

Success is team-driven. Avram provides the office administration support critical to our clients' success. The core duties of Avram's office administrators —scheduling, documentation, filing, bookkeeping and proofreading—provide the necessary foundation for our high-achieving clients. Avram provides support for our clients at all organizational levels.

OFfice Administration support

Avram's expertise in data management, the application of statistical and mathematical methods for effective decision-making and quality assurance for database systems. Additionally, Avram's professionals leverage industry-leading expertise in data management, the application of statistical and mathematical methods for effective decision-making, and quality assurance for database systems.

Data Management and Information Technology

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