Avram provides epidemiolgists, public health advisors, and field support officers to support the Polio Eradication Initiative. We have staff in Africa and the Middle East, including Afghanistan and Pakistan.




Epidemiology, Project Management, Surveys, Data Analysis, Program Evaluation


Centers for Disease Control



The eradication of Polio is within reach. The last remaining countries with endemic Polio are Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Avram provides Field Support Officers in these locations. In addition, Avram provides technical experts who dispatch at a moment’s notice in the event of a suspected re-occurrence of wild or vaccine-derived Polio. The Disease Eradication and Elimination Branch with-in the Global Immunization Division of the CDC leverages the services of Avram to support its global polio eradication efforts.

What we’ve accomplished:


In conjunction with Polio Eradication stakeholders, Avram is coordinating data collection activities in operational research, and participating in the development and implementation of field projects addressing outbreak investigation and vaccination campaigns. With Avram providing the requisite program management expertise, the fight to eradicate polio worldwide has taken another step forward.


In support for the activities of the polio eradication team within the Disease Elimination DEEB, Avram is providing technical assistance and operational support. Avram deploys long-term field support and experienced technical advice for activities related to the eradication of polio within endemic countries. By providing technical oversight of data collection activities in operational research, and analyzing epidemiologic data as needed, Avram’s expertise is being deployed in crucial areas of technical assistance for this effort.

Avram’s support for polio eradication includes participation in the development and implementation of field project plans addressing data quality, surveillance, outbreak investigation and vaccination campaigns. Short term training for epidemiologists, program managers, laboratory technicians and data managers represent additional support services executed by Avram in the effort to eradicate polio.


In partnership with CDC, Avram provides technical assistance and operational support to project partners such as WHO/UNICEF to further the polio eradication initiatives such as: routine immunizations, data quality and surveillance of new vaccines. Along with supporting these partner entities, Avram’s also participates in the training and field supervision of National Stop Transmission of Polio (NSTOP), as well as maintaining effective working relationships with international Ministry of Health officials.