World AIDS Day. Everybody Counts.

The World Health Organization (WHO), declared the first World AIDS Day in 1988 to provide education, and to increase prevention.

Avram Corporation is pleased to have played a role in the work to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean Islands.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Ministry of Health of the Dominican Republic and Civil Society partnered to strengthen the country’s public health campaign against HIV and AIDS.

CDC supported the General Directorate for the Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS (DIGECITSS) in the development and implementation of programs to prevent new HIV infections.

CDC turned to Avram to provide project management, training, technical and logistical support, and quality assurance for a multifaceted HIV prevention program.

Avram supported the creation and distribution of posters, handouts, cards and billboards as part of the behavior change campaign: "Get Tested for HIV And Syphilis. It Is No Longer Just About You." Avram provided monitoring of broadcast of radio and TV public service announcements.

Avram provided technical experts to provide sensitivity training to media. Avram provided experts to implement evidence-based counseling models designed for pregnant women and for couples. These services were provided to support the National Program for Reduction of Vertical Transmission (PNTRV) to implement new HIV infections.