Avram provides industry-leading experts in a myriad of disciplines including: science, technology, mathematics and public health. As our client, you will have access to our cadre of subject matter experts ready to provide you with services ranging from: laboratory quality, clinical trial design and implementation (including ethical review), field epidemiology laboratory training, clinical research into zoonotic diseases, data cleaning and analysis, accreditation, public health strategy development and program implementation, biological and behavioral surveys, monitoring and evaluation and geo-coding.


Avram provides project and information management, training and oversight, short and long-term logistical and administrative support. We develop and produce training and technical documents. Avram deploys highly skilled, experienced, multi-lingual database managers. 


 With a  strategic global network, Avram’s sourcing capability provides you with experienced, highly skilled staff to fill your requirements quickly and efficiently. 


Our global network of talented, committed employees, ensure desired solutions to reach your goals.